About Sportz TV

Do you groan each time you open your cable bill? Are you tired of trying to find a show you really want only to find out it’s in a more expensive tier?

It’s time to find a better solution. Save hundreds annually by joining Sportz TV. 
Sportz TV is one of the top leaders in the IPTV space in North America and the UK. With over 18,000 monthly visitors and thousands of subscribers, we are proud to serve you all these years and we’re still going strong.
Sportz TV offers more than sports: 
  • News, network and premium entertainment  
  • Children’s selections 
  • Movies
  • International 
  • Sports including popular premium viewing events 
Easy installation on smartphones and Android devices (includes iOS) and dedicated 7/7 Phone and chat support available during business days and hours.  Our new apk app allows you to watch all of Sportz TV with a nice and easy to use interface.
Our subscription plans give you the ability to watch what YOU want—anywhere, anytime. 
  • No credit checks
  • No background check
  • No bullshit
C’mon, slash that huge cable bill— Join Sportz TV and enjoy all the content you want for much less.  

What do I need?

In order to stream our service, you will need an internet connection with AT LEAST a downstream speed of 12 Mbps.  You will also need a streaming device that plugs into your TV and connects to your internet, with a direct ethernet connection or wirelessly (a direct ethernet connection is HIGHLY recommend when available for consistent streaming).  Popular streaming devices are the Amazon Firestick 4K, Amazon FireTV, Android Boxes, nVidia Shield, Android cell phones and Android tablets.  If you do not have such a device, we can recommend a device for you. We do not sell devices sorry.